130mm Impact Eiffel Tower Cranks

Get a pair of Impact Eiffel Tower -130mm cranks for only £25 for one week only.

[caption id="attachment_8937" align="alignnone" width="750"]130mm Impact 'EiffelTower' Cranks - (2012) 130mm Impact 'EiffelTower' Cranks - (2012)[/caption]

These great super strong Impact Eiffel Tower cranks 130mm are better than half price for one week only (ends 24th May 2018).

The Eiffel Tower cranks from Impact have Street, Trials and Flatland in mind. Made from a high grade aluminium making them super strong and super light.

Compatable with any ISIS Unicycle Hub.

130mm from hole centre to hole centre.

359 grams (+/-)


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