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100mile World Record attempt - 9 July 2015


On 9th July 2015 Sam and Roger are both attempting to break the long-standing world record for the fastest 100 miles on a unicycle. Roger is riding a 36" ungeared unicycle and Sam is riding a 36" Schlumpf geared unicycle.

The record has been unbroken since 1987 when Takayi Koike did 100 miles in an incredible 6 hours 44 minutes.   Although there have been many attempts since no one has come close to breaking this.

The Record will be attempted at Croft race circuit near Darlington.  It will also be aimed at raising awareness and funds for WaterAid.  The circuit is 1.823km long, so it will involve 89 laps of the circuit to complete 100 miles!

To prevent drafting Roger and Sam will be going in opposite directions.

Sam Wakeling

  • Category: Unlimited

  • Unicycle: Kris Holm 36", Schlumpf gearbox, 145 cranks

  • Target time: 5h 45m

  • Other unicycle world records:

    • 24 hour distance (453km, in 2007)

    • Longest ride without dismount (105 miles, in 2007)

    • Land's End to John o' Groats (6d 8:43, in 2009)

Roger Davies

  • Category: Ungeared

  • Unicycle: Nimbus Oracle 36", 89 cranks

  • Target time: 6 hours

  • Other unicycle world records:

    • Land's End to John o' Groats (6d 8:43, in 2009)


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