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Loosing our 0800 number

We have always believed that it is important to be there for our customers. It is not unusual to get a call from people before they order just to ask which size to buy or which saddle would suit them best or a multitude of support questions. It is part of our customer service to be there for them, sometimes that is enough with the simple question "I was just calling to check you were real and in the UK".

As most phones come with packages of UK free calls and the confusion caused by companies abusing the 08 profile numbers we have decided to drop our 0800 number and promote more our direct phone numbers.

We have 3 lines in to the office:

  • (+44) 01642 361203 (Main)
  • (+44) 01642 361254 (Alternative)
  • (+44) 01642 730037 (Postal Pages)


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