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Nimbus Multi Tool - Black

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Nimbus Unicycles mutli tool that comes with all the tools you will need for when you go riding.

We have put together the most common tools (with the exception of a pump) you need in one place for when you go riding.

8 movable blades including:
   2.0mm allen Key (schlumpf button)
   2.5mm allen Key
   3.0mm allen Key
   4.0mm allen key (saddle bolt)
   5.0mm allen key (bearing clamp)
   Torx T25 (disc brakes)
   Screwdrive blade

2x tyre levers including:
   5.0mm allen key (Seat clamp)
   8.0mm allen key (crank)
   4.0mm spoke key (12g) (penny farthing)
   3.5mm spoke key (14g) (unicycle)
   3.0mm spoke key (15g) (bike)
8.0mm ring spanner
   10mm ring spanner (bearing housing)

Chain link splitter (to help our 2 wheeled friends)

Weight: 122g

Size: 4cm x 7.5cm x 1.5cm

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    Nimbus Unicycles was started in 2001 and is the premier house brand of Unicycle.com.

    The brand was started to help differentiate between our standard unicycles and the newer higher end unicycles we were designing in response to the requests fro...
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