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24" Kris Holm 'Freeride' Rim - 36 Holes


The KH rims balance stiffness and stability using carefully shaped drillouts to reduce weight while maintaining the high strength requirements of street, flatland, trials, muni and xc unicycling.


* Super wide 47mm for stability and greater tyre volume.
* Strong double-wall construction.
* 36 hole with offset eyelet spoke holes for strength.
* Oval drillouts to save weight without compromising strength.
* Hard black anodizing with CNC machined braking surfaces
* Stainless steel eyelets for better wheel tension and strength.

Size: 24"
Spoke hole: 36.
ERD: 486mm (24")
Eyelets: Stainless steel.
Material: 6061 Aluminium.
Finish: Anodised Black.
Width: 47mm
Rimtape: available with or without extra-tough KH rim tape.
Weight: 653g
Information on the spoke length for building a wheel can be found on our Spoke Calculator


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